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Our mission at 777 Studios is simple. It is to develop, publish and
distribute quality PC simulation products and bring them to the
community that has so steadfastly stood by their hobby. The Golden
Age of hardcore PC simulation titles ended long ago. The past few
years have been lean, with fewer and fewer new products to choose
from and only a handful of studios dedicated to the genre remain. Most
major publishers have declared the market dead and unprofitable. We
at 777 Studios completely reject that notion and believe that the genre
is still a vibrant place to do business.   

However, the future is bright for simulations. In the age of multi-core
processors, advanced physics engines and blistering fast video cards,
racing and flight-simulation titles can be the shining example of what
modern computers can do. We want to broaden the genre and help
make it an even bigger place of ideas, innovations and growing
We also want to bring back some of the appeal of simulation software by developing and
publishing interesting, innovative titles and helping other small developers reach the
world-wide marketplace. We're also looking for business partners who share our vision and
want to push the creative envelope.

We promise to give it our best and with your support we can complete our mission. Join us.  

Jason "Burnin" Williams
Founder and President
777 Studios
Dedicated to my dad.
Sgt. Glen V. Williams
USAF 69'-73'  B-52D
Southeast Asia 71'-72
Our Mission